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From the beautiful architecture and great ambience Singapore hotels look like exclusive clubs for the chosen few. However contrary to this perception majority of the hotels in Singapore are affordable. They cater for all segments of customers from the budget traveler to the high end customer. Singapore hotel has been able to seamless review 5 star services without comprising on Quality of reviews to budget 3 star hotels catering for various segments of travelers from all works of life.


Singapore background

Singapore is an Island state located on the Malay Peninsula. The Singapore population including non residents is estimated to be 4.99 million. However Singapore is considered the tenth most expensive city for expatriates to live in but a haven or paradise for holiday seekers. The official Singapore languages include English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese. Heavy foreign direct investments backed up by state driven industrialization have led to a modern and sustainable economy since independence. Singapore has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations as well as the United Nations from 1965.


Singapore Food

Visitors and residents of Singapore are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to dine. Singapore hotel carries out reviews on where to dine which varies from, food stalls in the local markets to little India where vegetarian food is served on tin plates or banana leaves. Since most apartments are small it is essential for the people of Singapore to venture out and eat.


Singapore Entertainment

From the Singapore hotel analysis zouk club is the centre of Singapore night life and it’s a must visit for anyone visiting Singapore. Singapore hotel also recommends a visit to the emerald hill for a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy cold beers. China town night market is lit with red lanterns and full of Chinese calligraphy.


Singapore Shopping

A visit to Singapore is not complete without shopping Singapore hotel highly recommends visitors to visit the Orchard road which is lined up with numerous shopping malls. The shopping malls offer diverse good ranging from laptops cameras and designer labels .It is also a chance to buy tailored clothes and cushion covers.
Singapore hotel guides travelers to the best hotels that Singapore has to offer our reviews feel like a map around to what Singapore has to offer. Singapore hotel ensures that our clients get value for their money. Our partnerships with diverse businesses give us an edge on what others have to offer.